While the WRCAD is a regional dataset focusing specifically on the Aral Sea basin, there are several larger datasets that classify water-related interactions at the global level.

The International Water Events Database of the Oregon State University, in particular, lists global interstate water relations for the period 1948-2008.

Also, The Water Conflict Chronology of the Pacific Institute, classifies 265 conflicts stretching from 3000 B.C. to 2012, in which water was either a military goal, a military target, a military tool, a political tool, a development dispute or a terrorism target.

For what concerns the Aral Sea basin, useful information can be accessed in the website CAWATERinfo, in the portal of the Interstate Commission for Water Coordination of Central Asia, and in the website of the Amu Darya Basin Network.

On a more general level, WaterWiki, the Wiki for water professionals, provides a whole range of information and data on most of the international river basins worldwide.