The Water Relations in Central Asia Dataset (WRCAD) is a dataset specifically conceived to analyse transboundary water relations among the countries of the Aral Sea basin in Central Asia.

The primary purpose of the WRCAD is to serve as an open-access instrument for researchers, practitioners, students and to all those interested on water politics in Central Asia.

You are therefore welcome to play with the dataset filtering and retrieving its data as you see it appropriate, and to share this link with anyone that you think might be interested. As a professional courtesy, I ask you to credit the WRCAD as follows: "Data retrieved from Water Relations in Central Asia Dataset (WRCAD). Available from: www.wrcad.info [Accessed 00 Mon 0000]."

For more information on the dataset and on how and why it was created, please refer to "Menga, F. (2016) "The "Water Relations in Central Asia Dataset" (WRCAD): An online tool for researchers, practitioners and students". Eurasiatica: Quaderni di Studi su Balcani, Anatolia, Iran, Caucaso e Asia Centrale, Edizioni Ca' Foscari, vol. 6, pp. 185-201 (available here: http://edizionicafoscari.unive.it/it/edizioni/libri/978-88-6969-078-5/the-water-relations-in-central-asia-dataset-wrcad/ ).

As of now, the WRCAD covers the period 1991-2013. Please do send me an email (filippomenga[at]gmail.com) if you are willing to help me update it or expand it to other areas and geographical issues. Also, if you used the WRCAD, I would be very interested in reading your work. Furthermore, please share with me your comments and suggestions on how to improve it, and report to me any errors or missing events.

[last updated: May 2016]